Special Feature: Kids Clothes!

Hello all! I am Karina, the newest member of my all time favorite blog, and I feel truly honored. Why me you might ask? Because I have three kids, time to spare, a computer, and a penchant for cute kids stuff. Clothes, shoes, decor, design, you name it... I've searched it.

My first posting is going to be about clothes. I am always looking for something unique and different and more often than not it is easier to shop online than to cart three kids (two unwilling boys and one loud baby) around from store to store. Here are just a few of my very favorite things:

In the market for a tutu? These are honest to goodness the BEST tutus you can buy! I bought one for my daughter but am looking to buy another as she's growing out of the red one. Some may say, "OH, I could make one just as easy" but TRUST me, it would not be the same. Oopsy Daisy Baby Pettiskirts are not to be missed, now if only they'd make them in adult sizes ; ) Prices range from about $50 - $90.

Then there is Mountain Aven Baby, based out of Wyoming. Oh, they've got such cute little sets and dresses. I just want to buy them all up, but alas, I must hold back. Click here for the full line as what's pictured is just a sampling of what to expect.
Retro Robot Lounge Set, custom sizes (long or short sleeves), $42
Reversible dresses can be custom made, check their shop.

I love, love, love Le Bouton's clothing line. She doesn't currently have anything posted for sale as she is waiting for her new sewing machine. You can see her previously sold designs here though. Keep a close eye on her site as her kids clothes are amazing! They are a bit on the splurge side, but if you ever get the chance to splurge, do it.

Oh how I love this coat by Hana & Violet. Too cute! It also helps that her daughter is adorable!

One more and then I'll call it a night as I could be up forever doing this! I'm posting this under clothing because when you are a child, getting dressed is boring unless you get to use your imagination every once in a while! My boys are totally obsessed with dressing like Indiana Jones and my little girl isn't there quite yet, but I really like what babypop designs has to offer little kids and their growing imaginations.
Custom Superhero Capes, $13
Custom Pirate Cape, $19

Get dressed, have fun!

Until next time, this is Karina.
Signing Off. Over and Out.


Jaimee said...

Oh, I love that Gold Floral top!
So pretty and sofisticated for a little lady - I'd like it in my size too :0

Meagan Whiteley said...

Welcome, Karina! I love cute kids stuff and I can't wait to see what else you have to share with us!