Mustaches are everywhere! Grow one, and if you can't buy its paraphernalia!

(I should have posted this photo of my family from 1990 in the Bow post!)

Mustaches are very important to us as a family. My dad has one since the dawn of time (see above), his dad had one, his dad's dad probably had one, his dad's dad's dad's..... etc. Unfortunately my dad had 4 girls, but trust me, that has not stopped us!

My sister and her two sons with their home made felt mustaches! Can someone please start a kids with mustaches website for me? I have found so many hilarious pictures of kids and babies with fake staches, it cracks me up every single time! I even tried searching for a mustache soother (pacifier here in the states) and apparently there was one but it was recalled for a choking hazard, bummer.

These cups allow you some real life experience with another nose before you jump into rhinoplasty. They do include noses with mustaches incase you wanted to get that done while you're under.
Pick Your Nose Party Cups, $9 for 24 (they also sell animal noses if you're into that), Perpetual Kid

For those of us that can't grow or commit to facial hair: Temporary Tattoos! Bonus: also includes unibrow extension and nose hair.
Temporary Mustache Tattoos, $3.50, Pish Posh Paperworks, Minneapolis

Laura from England makes these hilarious felt staches. I love how she includes that they are not washable (being felt) so to keep them away from runny noses. heehee. All other noses are ok.

This shirt is too funny, as is the photo to go along with it. Hand-screened on american apparel t-shirt (the one and only!) These shirts are sure to get you out of an embarrassing run in with an ex or estranged co-worker. Just flip it up and keep on walking, they'll never know it was you!

This is what I'm talking about. CATS! MUSTACHES! This handmade mustache is sure to please your kitty- it's filled to the brim with organic cat nip! 4 inches of cat nip! It comes in many other colours too, so order away ginger! Prairiebird also donates 10% of sales to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, I love it when people do good things.
Catstache, $4 (thats a dollar an inch), Prairiebird, Kamloops, BC

Mustationery anyone!? I love how subtle the 'mustache' is on this card set. Gold note card, green envelope, comes in a biodegradable plastic sleeve, recycled materials used where possible.
Metallic Mustache Stationery, $4 for 5 cards & envelopes, AshleyBug

I have learned something of interest on this journey thru mustache-land. Mustache cups! Mustaches were all the rage in the 1800's. Men spent quite a bit of time and money on their staches, often using wax to shape and mold them into different styles. Tea was also quite popular in the 1800's and this presented a problem because when men went to drink it, the steam melted the wax and their mustaches went limp. The unstyled staches just went right INTO the tea and got stained. gross. So, in 1830 Harvey Adams designed the mustache cup- a tea cup with a little ledge on the inside to put your mustache on while drinking! Fantastic! Problem solved!! (click here for more info!)

This is the best thing to EVER, EVER come out of Toronto-no, CANADA! I mean it. Can I have ten please? I need one for myself, my cat, Ghost, and all of my stuffed animals.
Plushtache, $11, Shannon Gerard, Toronto, Canada

I'm kinda annoyed with finger mustache's but on a cat it;s totally brand new and ok!

Sandra makes these little mustachio'd dudes out of Gothenburg Sweden. Aren't they smoschable!? Well go figure her company name is Smosch. With names like Mr. Ronny and Mr. Christian, these pricey little guys are going to be out of stock soon!
Mr. Ronny, $49, Smosch, Sweden

I'm going to agree with Etsy user BullFight, people in posters always look better mustached! All hand-drawn on vinyl, no two are alike.
Mustache Sticker Pack, $4, Bullfight, Eugene, Oregon

+ moustache +
Flickr user Mon Chat Est Mignon's Mustache photo of her Great Granduncle.

Another amazing thing from Toronto, I think I need to go check out their design scene up there! Such awesome ideas!

I will leave you with photos of the World Beard & Mustache Championship 2007:

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