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I was inspired to post puppets (mainly of the shadow kind) due in part to two things:
1. Seeing Owly Shadow Puppets at the Renegade Craft Fair last month and
2. The following amazing video from 1958, La Diabolica Invencion by Karel Zeman. He is considered the co-founder of Czech animated film. 1958! Amazing!

This is a postcard sized archival print created from an original drawing on a vintage book page titled 'The Wolf... ' and is printed on lightly textured, natural white archival paper.
Actual image size will be approximately 90 x 133mm.
The Wolf (mini), $4 (excellent!), Olivia Jeffries for Restless Things, Norwich, UK

I LOVE that these puppets cast colour shadows! What a great idea!
Now T-rex can finally nibble a Steggie Burger for lunch!

Prehistoric puppets are certified by paleontologist Dr. Ewan Wolff. Dr. Wolff says: "Warning, this set is inaccurate! Pteranodon is not a dinosaur, these animals did not live at the same time, and T-rex definitely never nibbled a Steggie Burger."

Lawyerbot says: "Ow! My eye!" Shadow puppet sticks are intended for supervised play with ages 4 and up. Please play responsibly.
Dinosaur Shadow Puppet Set ( in color!), $30, Sisters Meredith and Robin for Orange Moon Toys, Madison, WI
*To see many more of their Shadow Puppets click here!

Have you ever been out and about and suddenly needed to know how to make a rabbit shadow puppet? Of course you have! Now you will always be prepared for that very eventuality with this solid sterling silver charm necklace.

The image of the rabbit shadow puppet is set into a lovely solid sterling silver pendant cup under glass for a quality and enduring finish. It's large at around 2.5cm tall. A tiny little solid sterling silver and glass charm hangs next to the main pendant and reads "rabbit" so you wont forget which shadow puppet you're making.

The charms hang from a beautiful solid sterling silver chain which is 24 inches long so that you can look at your shadow puppet guide whilst you're wearing the necklace.
The Rabbit - Shadow Puppet Necklace, $50 (eek!), Adorapop, Wales, UK

My next door neighbor came over today and asked "Are you gardening today Sarah?" Well no, actually I was putting soil in a pot so I could poke a screenprint of a tiger and a lady on wooden dowells into the soil. You could use these as puppets, unusual birthday cards, planter adornments....however you like. They're screenprints on oak tag (a sturdy paper kind of like a manila folder). They are not waterproofed or weatherproofed, so they would be best indoors, and even so will probably not last forever, but they'll be fun while they're around.

I send you the prints as shown and a set of dowells. YOU assemble them by taping light colored masking tape on the back as shown.
Lana and the Tiger, $20, Two Sarahs, Portland, OR (this is cute: By the way, I am Sarah Landwehr, and the other Sarah (Fitzpatrick) is collaborating with me via Melbourne, Australia, so her presence on the site is currently more theoretical, but I'm still leaning on her glory and genius from way over here.)

Shadow puppets are entertaining. But unfortunately, most of us lack the dexterity to do more than the basic dog or rabbit. So let these nifty puppets do the hard work for you.
The set of four animal puppets includes a rabbit, an elephant, a goat and a duck. Each has an ink drawing on one side and patterned paper on the other, with foam sandwiched between for added support. They measure approximately 7 1/2" tall and 5" wide and have festive wood handles.
Animal Shadow Puppets, $20, Le Petit Monstre, Tifton, GA

Print of an original illustration.
Professionally printed on a heavyweight paper with a lovely texture.
The print includes a white border for framing (frame not included).
Actual image size: 16.5 cm X 23.5 cm
The print is carefully packaged in a protective sleeve and will be shipped flat with a stiff card backing in a padded mailer.
Marionette, $20, Shira for Shirae

Unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-cut Shadow Puppet based on the illustrations of Isabella.
Package consists of a custom made booklike sleeve, closed with a beautiful ribbon, which allows you to keep it clean and safe.
A Dreams Boatride, $24, Isabella's Art, From "The Land of Dreamers" ♥
Pick up a wooden Shadow Puppet Stand to fit your Isabella Puppets, $5

We can't get enough of these two. Burnaby and Alicia were created just recently and have been a popular image for our T-shirts. They are so cute as paper dolls. They hold on to each other lovingly in their snug 5 by 5 inch envelope. These two have a passionate love for one another that's contagious, watch out or you might catch it!
Burnaby and Alicia, $12, , Red Rooster Craft/Pin Pals, Montreal, Canada

This is a DIY paper theatre based on an original wooden puppet theatre.
The characters can be either The Girl and her monster, or Mr I Don't Know, the bear! They are both at home on the sea. Printed instructions for assembly are sent but all you'll really need is some pritt stick glue and either a scalpel or some small sharp scissors.

You will get 4 sheets of 310gsm thick german etching paper with high quality printed parts which you can cut out and assemble. It is sent sandwiched between 2 pieces of 1250 mic card, inside a cello sleeve and then packaged in an all-card envelope. Once constructed it's size is 16.5cm x 28cm x 3cm.
The Heart Revealed - DIY Paper Theatre, $35, Little Robot, Glasgow, Scotland

Why did I do this?
I recently read "Alice in Wonderland" again as an adult,
and began sketching the characters as I read. It only seemed
natural that they should become fully articulated toys. I really enjoyed making and having them- and I thought - why not make them available as a "rainy day project".
The illustrations are Original Character Designs (by me) inspired by Lewis Carroll's famous work. They are high resolution prints prepared on heavyweight paper.
Alice in Wonderland- Paper Puppet Kit, $22, Brian Gubicza for Goobeetsa, Salem, MA

God Bless Etsy Labs! You can learn to make this puppet and many many awesome others. I wish they offered classes outside of Brooklyn for everyone else! More classes (screen printing, gocco printing, freestyle cross-stitch, etc) located at their site, HERE!
Class: Paper Puppet Posse

Date: Saturday, July 19
Time: 1-3:30pm
Location: Etsy Labs, 325 Gold Street 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201.
Cost: $30

As a member of the posse you'll learn about what tools and techniques to use in making basic paper puppets. Techniques and hot skills include: basic design, rigging a marionette, using weights, and making different types of joints.

Each person will make and go home with their very own dancing paper marionette and rigged shadow puppet. Students will learn about how paper puppets can be used in photography, theatre, dioramas, animation, crafts and the general poodle pathology of man. The teacher will be bringing examples of her puppets, puppets from other artists, and photos of other people's work to look and play with!

Billy is handmade from 1/2" painted plywood and is playfully posable. His crazy legs, arms and wobbly head rotate on 1 1/2" inch stainless steel hex bolts (with threaded nuts). He's painted with acrylic then given a polyacrylic coat for long-lasting protection and a little extra shine! Wire for wall hanging attached on his back.

Every character such as Billy is made to order, making every purchase that much more special!

Measurements (variable)
2 feet high
1 1/2" feet wide
Billy Sasquatch, $90, Made by Max, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Blog)

Has anyone seen The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello?
Synopsis: Set in a world of iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, this gothic horror mystery tells the story of Jasper Morello, a disgraced aerial navigator who flees his plague-ridden home on a desperate voyage to redeem himself.

It looks amazing, and received amazing reviews including an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short. Their website promoting the DVD is made incredibly well too, I love the theme. The whole movie reminds me of a Tim Burton Film... love!

Here is yet another video in Shadow Puppetry style, I haven't watched it all but it has 4 1/2 stars on You Tube so I thought I'd include it, incase you are in love with this theme or just bored! (please let me know if it's a terrible waste of time!!)

Holding Your Breath by Anthony A. Lucas

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