And it was all Yellow

Today I decided to update about my favourite colour, yellow. I would never admit to this, of course, if it weren't for the fact that everything I've been attracted to lately turns out to be yellow! Whats going on with me!?! I'm a black girl! I'm a red girl! yellow?!

So welcome to my Yellow Post and enjoy my first ever Flickr collage:

Click image to enlarge (it is much more enjoyable this way)

Thanks to all the fantastic Flickr members for their beautiful photos:
1. patterned yellow, 2. Untitled, 3. Yellow house with Cherry Tree, 4. Yellow Bedroom Set, 5. my shoes, 6. yellow salt shakers, 7. Old Yellows, 8. june 416, 9. Colorful Cake, 10. yellow strings, 11. The yellow deer, 12. Yellow soul, 13. mini blend container ... and store!, 14. Vintage yellow Volkswagen T1, 15. Vintage Yellow Dishware Set, 16. My First Ever Attempt At Cupcakes, 17. cracked paint, 18. Puerta 6333 - Rioverde SLP México 2007, 19. Entramado 7158 - Valles SLP México 2007, 20. Jelly Belly

Vintage Yellow Canisters, $22 for 3, Domestikate, The SE

Yellow Vintage Mugs, $14 for 2, A Touch of Vintage, Toronto, Canada

Lovebirds Necklace in Yellow, $12 , Emma Loves Apples A.K.A. Goddess of Green, Cambridge

Yellow Paper Lace, $3.50 for 12 WHOLE yards (what a steal!) 3" wide, Brookerpie, Chicago, IL

Pearly Yellow Vintage Envelope Leather Purse (phewf), $12, Bamabelle, AL

Fleur-de-Lys Glasses, $32 for 4, Anthropologie

Kukkura - Marimekko (half yard), $14.50, Repro Depot

Striped Tee, $11 , Heritage at F21

Yellow Flateware, $13 per set, Too Embarrassed to Say! (they have more beautiful and less cheap looking choices at Broadway Panhandler on 8th in Manhattan, just not online)

Melanie Canvas Flats, $15 , F21

Melamine Dessert Plates, 4 for $10, Historically Vintage, Richmond, VA

Mustard Yellow Bag, $15, Edor7, Pasadena, TX (Oops sorry, I couldn't help myself: I just bought this!!)

Calico Junior's Dress, $35, Thirteen Eighty Five, Boston, MA (I might need to go buy this too...)

KitchenAide Stand Mixer in Sunshine, $299.00 (I got my pistachio one resfurbished for $150 and it works like a charm!), William Sonoma

This Yellow photo was taken by Walter Pieringer in the heart of my motherland - Alberta, with beautiful Canola fields to be found around every curve.

Many people have asked who took the new jumping photo I now use, Walter! Our friends were visiting us from Texas so we took them to Coney Island and I insisted on taking jumping photos on the boardwalk! I am amazed at what we all produced after only two shots! (the first shot caleb elbowed me in the face so um... it didn't turn out so well!)

Can I just say that Walter has had the most amazing life and he's only 26!! This is from one of his website:

My name is Walter Pieringer, and I like to shoot photos. My life has been a little strange – call it bad luck or bad decisions, or maybe a little of both, but I've had a lot of really bizarre stuff happen to me. I love the adventure, though, so I probably bring most of it it upon myself. . . . . here're a few highlights:

So far, I have:

* Been robbed at gunpoint while on crutches

* Flown to Moscow to be part of an international stunt man competition run by the Russian mafia

* Hitchhiked over 2000 miles from Washington State to Chicago, mostly with a 70-year-old racist Vietnam veteran semi truck driver named Gino and his pet wolf Nakita

* Chased a would-be-thief down a dark alley, tackled him, and retrieved my friend's backpack outside a sketchy bar in Durban, South Africa

* Been chased through the streets by wild dogs (twice)

* Shattered my left kidney

* Hung out with a ranking member of the West 18th Street gang, the largest and most violent street gang in Los Angeles. Apparently they have my back.

* Nearly gone to jail for stealing a $3000 "Wally Warhead" mascot costume, putting it on, and using it to gain illegal access to an international candy convention

* Eaten dog

* Been physically attacked by security guards for videotaping (three times)

* Spent over 500 hours of my life on a Greyhound bus

* Been jumped by a gang of 14-year-olds

* Been captured at the US/Canadian border trying to smuggle a friend into the US

Never been in a fight, but have been beat up by large groups of complete strangers for no apparent reason on three separate occasions

Aside from all that, I like to take pictures and shoot video, especially of my friends riding bikes.

For more information on Walter's work visit his Website


Michelle Suzanne said...

i totally love yellow too, but i cant wear it, it makes me look dead. but i bought the cutest patent yellow purse at target a while back and i get compliments on it everywhere i go! i love that lovebirds necklace and i try to sneak yellow stuff into my house since it looks so ugly on me. i also love orange. but same thing. hate it on my skin!

Meagan Whiteley said...

Ive been wearing mustard yellow lately, not bright yellow... actually I have a fluorescent yellow shirt so what am I even talking about!! I love orange too! My whole couch is orange, thats a big step! Im going thru a HUGE purple phase so I think instead of wearing it (it reminds me of being in 6th grade and going thru the same phase!) I might take your advice and sneak it in my house!