Bows and Bow-no-nos

I feel the need to preface this post by saying, I am not a stereotypical girlie girl. I love a good summer dress, but otherwise I'm all about practicality, and lets face it girls, being girly is NOT CONDUCIVE TO A PRACTICAL LIFE. Whatever, the point is: I think bows are cute, in moderation. Not with a pink dress, glamourous makeup and heels. ok? Throw a bow on your dingy high tops, or slap one on the chest of your favourite t-shirt. ok? ok. Now, press play (its just a record player no need to watch) and continue reading to the soothing sound of Dinah Shore.

Kate, an illustrator from the UK, creates amazing art! She tends to draw things she loves, from pastries to animals but mostly fashion! I love the fine details she includes in her drawings, her illustrations must take forever! She runs a blog, Little Doodles, and updates frequently with her new drawings and inspirtations. It's one of my favourite blogs out there! This illustration-come-shirt is one of her takes on the BOW.

I have been eyeing this ring at Fred Flare for at least a year now! I love how dainty it is. Check it out, Its only $50!

I feel a little upset about this belt, because it could be so much cuter with a better top! I don't judge though, that's why its on here! This website (made for soccer moms) is hosting some pretty cute belts right now! I think I'm losing my mind!

Betty's Sugar Dreams Bow cake, elegant and delish!

Is Forever 21 in competition with itself? Who can make the best bow dress, Forever 21 or Forever 21.... DUN DUN DUN!?!?!!!!

Left: Shift Collar Pencil Dress, $22.80, F21
Right: Linen Bow Dress, $22.80, F21

Perhaps ModCloth wins!? Sadly not with this price : (
Black Tie Affair Dress, $65, ModCloth

Crocheted bows! How ingenious! I would love to slap a few things on the back of these tiny bows: a pinback, a magnet, a bobbypin, some glue or tape for cards, my lips! Sorry for the over abundance of exclamation points, but sometimes I get excited about little things... $6.50 for 5, at Dottyral's Shop.

These metal bows can be found on differing chains across etsy, but this one had the best price, $10! Thanks, Chinaberry! She has a ton of other jewelry for sale at her etsy site too, so check it all out while you're there.

Flickr user Half Girl displays her beautiful bow cardigan from Karen Millen. I'm in luff!

These are from... hot topic... but super cute!! yes!? yes! Metallic Bow Earrings, $9 for twelve ENTIRE pairs of earrings! TWELEVE!

Pretty shoes!
"Pretty Shoes!" Photo by Tamzinsparkles I JUST discovered her amazing tattoos!!!!!!!!

Piksi and her adorable Bowture:

All the pretty girls get their clothes in Europe. Not fair!! This girl, piksi, has my most favouritest wardrobe ever! A lot of it she thrifts, but she manages to throw a lot of H&M in, which gives me hope! i. love. her. (AND AND AND she's studying to work with animals, my favourite!)

Step one in the bow toxification program... these subtle frosted earrings. These earrings are so cute, I had to add them for the bowphobic readers. Frosted Ribbon Studs, $8, Design by Lisa.

P.S. By step 12 you'll be looking like this (Clara Bow):

Mustaches are up next, so please forward any links or products you think fit the category. Thanks!

Kent Rogowski

While in DUMBO over the past weekend we went into Zakka, a japanese design book and toy store. I came across a book called Bears by Kent Rogowski. He disassembles stuffed animals and puts them back together inside out. I love how they still have charm and seem utterly lovable, despite their creepiness. Check out more photos and/or buy prints at the Foley Gallery Website, or buy his book from Amazon: here, $15 used.

that has to be a popple!

And once again I missed his exhibit by just a few days! I'm getting good at this, arg! He had the following work with puzzles in an exhibit called Love=Love at the Jen Bekmen Gallery in NY. He is stationed in Brooklyn though so, like Dan Funderburgh I hope I have the opportunity to see more.

Finally, one of my most favourite pieces of his, probably because I'm a sucker for the self-help and sappy:


Dan Funderburgh

I'm pretty much speechless because I just discovered Dan Funderburgh! He is a commercial artist that designs wallpaper, prints and apparel here in Brooklyn. He also makes amazing aaart like this:

(I'm really bummed that I just missed this exhibit. Since he lives here it's possible I'll catch a show somewhere around here soon... I hope!!)

His wallpaper is so unsuspecting. You're looking at it like, "oh thats nice" then BAM- there's a rat, a parking meter and a fire hydrant... but its still pretty! His wallpaper can be found at Flavor Paper for copious amount of money per roll. And don't forget to check out his personal blog.

(Click images for Detail)


Cowboys + Indians

I'm seeing this more and more... feathers and leather. In fashion, textiles, jewelry, home decor, and just design in general. Here are my picks:

I know you can find a set of three braided leather bracelets cheaper than $24, but I don't have the energy right now. You can get these ones from urban, but to be honest, I DONT SUGGEST IT! its leather.... braided. go buy some leather and braid it! Bad thing to start with... sorry!!

Out of Flat Rock, Alabama come handmade horseshoe door knockers! Made from pony shoes, these small knockers come in satin red, blue, green, and black. Algrumpy says his horses now run barefoot around his property. Love it! $17.95, AlGrumpy.

Although the Indie Feather Hair Clip is already sold out, etsy storeowner pnkkim says she takes custom orders. Phewf. I am going through a serious purple phase lately, and this hits the spot!

Turquoise Delight, $8, Wildfire Design
I love the bright colour of these earrings, perfect for bleached blondes or dark brunettes! Only eight dollars!?

Left: Indian Summer Beaded Earrings, $9, Lulu's
Right: Plumage Feather Earrings, $18, Urban Outfitters

Something about this pattern is screaming to be included in this post. Forgive me if I'm wrong! The Blood Calendar v-neck, $38, is printed front and back with this intricate design by Tank Theory, and I love it!

This wallet is aptly titled the Spanish Rose Wallet, go figure. Cheap, cute, convenient what more do you want? Also comes in brown, $19, Lulu's.

This Cowboys & Indians dress is shaped so well it's the kind of dress I want in every colour and fabric to wear every day. Cute bias tape details and cute fabric! $68 by Silence + Noise.

These slip-on canvas shoes remind me of Toms, only they dont donate pairs of shoes to children that need them in third world countries. darn. They have this neat allover red arrow print on a white canvas upper with elastic ruching detail at front with rubber soles, so stay away from lightening. By Keep, $48 at Karma Loop.

Charm School Design is Alita, Dana and Benjamin, a brooklyn based trio! They work with all sorts of materials crafting cute things to perch atop our heads. One of which is the feather headband, absolutely back in style again thanks to them. Adorable and chiccccc. I have to admit, I got some looks when I wore my homemade one to the grocery store, but I live in "little Poland", and they don't understand the meaning of feathers... or something. And then my cat ate it...

hay guise
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