Softies! I admit, I still occasionally sleep with my stuffed animals... although in recent months they've just been hanging out on a shelf by my bed - I'm getting better! I've done some INTENSE research. Let me tell you people, cute stuffed animals are haaaard to come by. My fingertips are warn from all the research I had to do to bring these to you.. so enjoy!

OH here is mine (Pepper Jerky, the grey one) Love His Eyes!

I got this book from my future sister-in-law for Christmas and love it! They have quite a few softies I can't wait to make, and one that I'm in the process of making right now. The instructions are super simple and they have included patterns that are really easy to follow. Therese Laskey has another book about softies out too, if you like this one.
Softies: SImple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals by Therese Laskey, Leah Kramer and Laurie Frankel, $14 Used from $9, Amazon

This is incredibly, amazingly expensive, but look how beautiful it is. What a neat idea. I had to include it, even though it absolutely does not fall into the category of 'affordable design.' Oh well. Be inspired!
Collection: Cardigan in Bloom, ONLY $1,297.34, Cardigan, Brighton, UK

Siamese Kitty Bean Pillow, $32, Design Slave, Melbourne, Aus

"I Know it happened and it happened like this".... Outdoor installation of stuffed animals in tribute to murder victims in the Rochester community.

Red or Gold Plush Heart, $30 for Gold, $20 for Red, I Heart Guts, LA, CA

My sister, Paige, has a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Your body produces too much mucus so she gets colds easier and has a harder time fighting them off and hence breathing. She knows how important lungs are, so how perfect are these lungs for her?! Paige, I hope you aren't reading cause this is your Christmas present! haha!
Lung Plush [I lung you!], $18, I Heart Guts, LA, CA
Check out I Heart Guts website for other innards softies!

Embroidered Lion or Lamb Pillow Plush, $23 each, La Bete Handmade, San Diego, CA

Tattooed Man in Vintage Swimwear, $sold!, Mimi Kirchner, Arlington, MA

Star Wars Plush Figures, $14 each, Yoda, Chewbacca and Darth Vader, Urban Outfitters

Lady Fifi, $58, Dadaya, Kyoto, Japan

1.25" wide by 1.5" tall. HELLO! THAT IS SO TINY! I LOVE YOU!
Happy Woolen Owl, $16, Chet and Dot, Portland, OR

Rosalind is a very special kitty! She's an awake/asleep kitty. This means on one side of her kitty body she has an awake face with safety eyes. On her other side she has a sleepy face which is all embroidered. She's accented differently on each side. Your little one will love flipping her over to put her to sleep and wake her up (mine does!) She's totally washable, made from cotton, wool felt, and trim. Shes' snuggly and totally cute! Perfect!
Rosalind - An Awake/Asleep Kitty, $35, Tiddlywinks, Roscommon, MI

These little fawns come in a couple other colours, like grey and fuschia. Joaquin - the green fawn, $31, Alberto's Family, Berlin, Germany

Charming stuffed animals in the boxy style typical of era. Imperfect but a rare and delightful find. Simplicity 2262; 5 to 9 inch toys; from late 1920s or early 1930s.
Boxy Stuffed Animals Pattern, $25.00, Sewing Palette
Exceptional 1920s stuffed terrier dog transfer pattern. Butterick 16136; 13 inch toy; 1920s; unstamped.
Terrier Pattern, $50.00, Sewing Palette

If your loved stuffed animal is as cute as the ones on the website promoting the book Dirty Wow Wows, then I suggest you share them with us!

Still can't get enough? Visit Softies Central, a blog dedicated to bringing you the most current events and developmnts in the plush world. Don't die of softie overload!

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