Brooklyn! I'm back! I missed you whilst on Vacation in hot, sticky and sweaty Texas! Here's what I missed:

This is a sweet tee indeed: it features a popular Cakespy theme of hipster baked goods waiting for the subway in the super-hip Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. American Apparel shirts.
Get the notecards if you are not of the t-shirted orientation. They come in a boxed set of 10 cards and envelopes. It's all one design: Hipster Cakes and sweets waiting for the L Train in Brooklyn! They come in a clear and sturdy box. Each card is an A2 size (4.24 x 5.5) which is horizontally aligned, with a top tent-fold.

Cards, $12 for 10, Jessie Oleson (Click for Shop)
T-shirt, $22, Jessie Oleson (Click for Blog)

These two would look so cute next to each other in frames! 5"x7"
Left: 51 Bushwick Avenue Print, $10, Pepper Sprouts
Right: 53 Bushwick Avenue Print, $10, Pepper Sprouts

Brooklyn Bridge Pillow, $20, Urbn

Brooklyn Coaster's City! You can buy the Sesame Letterpress coaster's a bunch of places in town, but I like Elsewares because they are really friendly and it is literally one block away from my house! Mail order only though : (

Left: Brooklyn Coaster, $3.95 for 10, Fish Eddy's
Right: Brooklyn Coaster Set, 8 for $12, Sesame Letterpress

Brooklyn, NY Letter Pressed Cards, $3.50 each or $17 for 8, Andy Pratt Design

I love the colours in this design and I love Coney Island. Put two and two together and I'll buy four. or something less cheesy. Printed on American Apparel, which means: soft!
Coney Island Onesie, $22, TotStops

Hand pulled, 20"x13" three color block print of several buildings in the williamsburg neighborhood of brooklyn, ny.
The Usual Suspects Print, $60, Craftonite

Hello Greenpoint! I live in you! This canvas bag was created by Brooklyn Novelty, which consists of Derick Holt and Milton Carter of Willamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Derick has an assortment of amazing graphic design on his site and Milton has great shirts, including this Brooklyn themed one:

Aloha Shirt, $58, M. Carter
Williamsburg/Greenpoint Tote, $20, Brooklyn Novelty

I like this necklace because it was made with a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge and a Nickel. I love it when people find new uses for things and I would never think to use a nickel when creating jewelry. I also like the picture they chose to use of the Bridge, it gives the necklace an old-timey feel.

Catch Wabisabi Brooklyn on Saturday August 9 at the Brooklyn Indie Market from 11am-7pm
Under the red and white striped tent on Smith and Union Street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Via subway: take the F or G train to Carroll street. Exit at the President Street exit of the station. You will see the the tent!

Brooklyn Bridge Necklace, $22, Wabisabi Brooklyn

Brooklyn Rectangle Platter, $22.95, Fish Eddy's


MaryAnne LoVerme said...

Great group of Brooklyn-centric stuff. Thanks for featuring my necklace!

Cakespy said...

I am so absolutely flattered to be part of this wonderful roundup!! You have so many of my favorite artists featured as well--plus some that are new to me!--so it's a double, triple compliment!

Thank you so much!

Meagan Whiteley said...

You both are very welcome. Thanks for creating neat Brooklyn related items! Please update me and let me know if you are selling in any new stores or shows/markets or coming out with new products!