You Can't ALWAYS Get What You Want

Thanks to everyone that ordered things from my Amazon Birthday Wish List!! It was very unexpected and very much appreciated! Thanks!

Here is an instillation of: If I Had One Million Dollars To Spend At Urban Outfitters


Birthday Wishlist!

My birthday is coming up! Here's what I have my eye on. All items can be found catalogued by level of NEED at my Amazon Wish List.

Squirrel Tray, $65

The Way We Live In the City Book, $23.45

Between the Lines Oxfords, $24.99 (size 8!)

Dear Diary, $6.33

Fred's Cool Jewels, $6

Terryworld Book, $12.12

Gloveables Gloves -Red Gingham & Bow, $14

Bailey Convertible Messenger, $24.50

Large Pastry Dome by Trudeau, $39.50

The Amazing Paper Cuttings of Hans Christian Andersen Book, $0.53 (yes, you read that CORRECTLY, 53 cents)

Cowhair Metal Pillow, By MAISON DE VACANCES, on sale for $95 from $275

Brooklyn Storefronts Paperback Book, $5

Mikasa Antique White 12-Inch Bunny Centerpiece, $41.57

Nylon Pretty, $16.47

Thanks! Happy Birfday to me!