Summer Loving

It's really hot in NYC today. It's in the high 90s and the heat index reads 105! Thank god for free air cons and staying within 3 feet of them! This weather, however, has brought with it thoughts of BBQs, picnics, and general lollygagging around in parks. Alas, it is too hot. So, we need another fan, and I was thinking of getting
this one here from Restoration Hardware, $99. Steel construction, 8", locking tilt adjustment, whisper quiet motor with removable guard for cleaning. Sounds good to me!

I love ice cream, a lot, and the hotter it gets the more I want. In-fact, if you asked me "Meg, what are your favourite foods, in no particular order?" I would answer:
1. ice cream
2. cupcakes
3. donuts
4. cake
5. potatoes in any form (fried, mashed, baked, hashed, etc)

What a better way to display your favourite food than to wear it as jewelry! wait wait wait, what's that you say? You don't want to seem like a disgusting food junkie that is so in love with food you have to wear it too? Aha, well, you are in luck! I found these adorable ice cream sandwich earrings that could possibly pass as plain old brown earrings... but why would you want them to, they are so cute! Pick them up in strawberry too, $5.50,
Sparklebean's Shop.

I also imagine this necklace from Michelle's Charm World to be nice on a hot day! Only $15 too!

Summer-dress-land ahoy!
Covet Gingham dress, $115
Evil Tea Dress, $40
Kimchi & Blue Belle Sundress, $40
Kimchi & Blue Highlighter Dress, $58

It's hot out there, so get out your (fake) sunglasses and sweat hard. $
SIX, Forever21.

These are some summer shoes if I ever saw any! Could you just IMAGINE wearing these in say.... February!? ugh. These are the kind of shoes I would snap up and never have the guts to wear if they were say $32.80 instead of $328. For those of you who can afford them, I'm a size 7.5. Get them at Anthro.

While I'm on shoes...
The Shoe Market, located a mere 5 minute bike ride from my house has excellent shoes in right now. They stock these camper shoes for boys, $185 (yikes!) and pink studio sandals for girls, $60 and those couldn't be any more appropriate for a summer post! Caleb and I went in over the weekend and although we were 0 for 2, we left with smiles on our faces. The owner was so friendly and apologetic that he didn't have our sizes. Maybe we'll have better luck next time, and there will definitely be many a next times!

Your summer is not complete unless you play bocce ball, badminton and/or croquet in khaki pants with lemonade at hand at least once. Here to help you out, is Alisha Gould, who sells these
sharp cards. These shuttlecock cards are hand pressed with her gocco printer and begging to made into invitations. Set of 6, $12.

Throwing a party this summer? Why not include a fancy banner? Amy from amelia mae paper goods specializes in beautiful paper banners and can customize them to say whatever you want, for example: "good job at work", "fake it til you make it!" or "where is the ketchup?" Prices start at $20 and they can be found at her

If you haven't fallen in love with Amy and her paper goods, then know that she also has an etsy shop where all profits go to helping either her sister and brother-in-law adopt a baby from Ethiopia, or to AHOPE orphanage in Ethiopia where children that are HIV positive are cared for. Find out more information on both

Plastic cutlery that is dishwasher safe and too cute to throw away, $20,
Charles & Marie.com

These melamine "paper plates" would go nicely with your new plastic cutlery, don't you think? They come in red and blue and DON'T BREAK! $1.25 for the little one and $2 for the big,
Pier1 in store only.

When your day-light picnics become night-time rendezvous... The oxo candela lanterns provide 8 hours of portable fire-free light for your outdoor parties. They come in packs of 2, 4 and 8 and start at
$40. I can just imagine sprinkling the backyard in these!!

What's a picnic without a little gingham to make you feel light and breezy! Plaid Blouse, $20, F21 and Olivia Earrings, $12, Sarah Jane Designs.


Michelle Suzanne said...

SERIOUSLY i am going to buy at least three of these items including the lemon necklace which is so fricking adorable i almost died just now! i have a feeling your blog is going to be bad for my bank account but i will have the cutest things in all the land!

Just A Stay At Home Mom said...

OOo thanks for including my lemon necklace! Your blog rocks and I'm off to hunt down at least 2 of those dresses! I would love those shoes too, but alas, my husband would probably throw me out!

Hmm....but I'd have some great shoes.......

must think about it!


Meg Whiteley said...

Michelle and Michelle: that cracks me up that you two commented on the same entry! I think my fiance would kill me if I bought those flower shoes, and not only because of the price! I can imagine what he'd have to say about flowers stuck to my ankles...

You already are the cutest thing in all the land, aaaand I thought of you today because I found a 'pin-up' website that sells adorable 50's clothes! Im thinking about doing a post on that.... cute!