As if you didn't know Matriyoshka's are the new owls/octopii/woodland creatures/antlers! Without further adieu I give you the way overdue nesting dolls installation:

These adorable little brooches can be bought from

How decadent is this pillow from European plumo? I can just image it on a comfy couch overlooking a blooming garden. At $117 I'll pass until it goes on sale, but rest assure knowing that shipping to the states is ONE cent.

Nesting tins!?!
Plumo knows whats up!

These adorable fabrics prove nesting dolls can be both whimsical and soft hearted. Fabrics can be bought at Starlit Nest's
etsy shop.

This hand painted Russian doll necklace ships to you from Malta for only $26! Found
here with another cute but overwhelmingly babushka charm bracelet.

This clear faceted bauble is everything I ever wanted in a nesting doll ring, other than actual miniature nesting dolls on a ring.... Pick it up
here for only 19 bucks.

These interesting new takes on the stereotypically human nesting dolls are made by Russian Irina Troitskaya, who can by found on livejournal as user iguanno. I looooove these! I need to contact her to ask if she sells them because i am IN love with them!

If ever I need a tiny purse to carry only my cellphone in, one of these will be it! So cute

Thought nesting dolls were too country kitchen for your home, eh? If only they came in other colour palates. Find this modern take on nesting dolls here.

From my own home collection:

These babushka salt and pepper shakers sit on my dining table year round and make me smile every time i need to flavour my terrible cooking. Although they have been around for a while you can still find these at anthropologie. 
* Photo courtesy of Breakfast at Anthropologie.

My sister picked this family of nesting dolls up for me on an Alaskan cruise! I love how each family member looks like they are giving you the click of the tongue with that pointed index finger.

aaaand finally, what's a post without cats!

*not available in stores*


Craic Head Lassie said...

Hi, Love your new blog... my sister is indiemeadow.etsy.com.

Check out my pages at weemissgrannymush.etsy.com and denimeradesigns.etsy.com.

Happy Blogging!


Meg Whiteley said...

Thank you so much, your dresses look adorable! I could have made a whole blog about nesting dolls for all the content I found!

Keep checking things out, up next are circus themed lovelies.