The Sordid Spoon...

Small Object is one booth at the Craft Fair that I wanted to stick around and just stare at. Stickers, cupcake dolls, stamps, canisters, adorable character drawings... what's not to like!? Had it not been 125 degrees I may have! I've been tossing and turning in my chair all morning trying to decide which items to post from Sarah's website, they're all too cute! Here are the winners:

My Little Sweeties Stamp Set, $24. Listen to how sweet her description of them is:

The set was almost named the Boogie Down Bunch cause I imagine them swaying to my old basement record collection. In the end, I decided this 4-pack of stamps was way too cool for that. And the little sweeties just stuck.

Sarah makes worlds out of clothespin, popsicle stick and wooden sewing spool people! Each person she creates seems to have a rich history that I am sure she would love to share when each lovely is born and adopted. Check out photos of Sarah's People on her flicker page, where she has documented the more than 450 magical people she has made and sold!!!

The Sordid Dish + Spoon Saga, $60. Whatever did happen to the dish and spoon after they ran away together?

Sarah, it was great to meet you and now after learning more about the Small Object and your fantastic imagination I wish I has spent more time talking with you! I agree, little people must live in the walls and use my cutout shoulder pads for beds and forks for seesaws.

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