Kent Rogowski

While in DUMBO over the past weekend we went into Zakka, a japanese design book and toy store. I came across a book called Bears by Kent Rogowski. He disassembles stuffed animals and puts them back together inside out. I love how they still have charm and seem utterly lovable, despite their creepiness. Check out more photos and/or buy prints at the Foley Gallery Website, or buy his book from Amazon: here, $15 used.

that has to be a popple!

And once again I missed his exhibit by just a few days! I'm getting good at this, arg! He had the following work with puzzles in an exhibit called Love=Love at the Jen Bekmen Gallery in NY. He is stationed in Brooklyn though so, like Dan Funderburgh I hope I have the opportunity to see more.

Finally, one of my most favourite pieces of his, probably because I'm a sucker for the self-help and sappy:

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Michelle Suzanne said...

his little inside out stuffed animals are adorable. maybe a tiny bit creepy but i want them all!!!!