Postcards & Puppets

Rebecca, otherwise known as Reba rar rar, of rar rar press was at the Craft Fair this weekend selling her amazing letter-pressed postcards. Her profile says: i'd eventually like to kick my side job and hangout with a bunch of type all day. Sounds like my kinda girl! Here are a few of her postcards that made me drooly:

Yes, i like you. a lot.

I bought, ahem... four of these. What can I say!? I fell in love with them! She put out STAMPS, how am I supposed to pass up buying postcards you can STAMP!?
(All postcards can be found here and are $2.50)

Although I didn't meet Rebecca, I meet her boothmate Andrea of Owly Shadow puppets. She makes and sells shadow puppets, scenery and backdrops! She cuts the puppets using a laser-cutter, which I imagine to be very dramatic and starwarsy. I don't know why.

She even has a teachers section on her website with a lesson plan explaining the hisotry of shadow puppets-- which is strange because I used to be a Kindergarten teacher and I was raised in Indonesia, where shadow puppets run amuck!

Puppets can be purchased and oogled here, and are only $10.50! She also sells kits for about $20. Thanks girls, it was excellent to see your work in person!


Frika said...

I totally sent the shadow puppet site to my family! They will love it!
Did you know that my dad was born and partially raised in Indonesia, that my grandparents lived their all their lives till they moved back to holland.
AND something I didn't know was that my great-grand father on my mother's side lived in Indonesia too! I just found that out when my mother gave me an old bracelet of my Grandmother's. My grandmother had it made out of the old watch chain of her father (my great-grand) after he passed away.
My mom told me, it's Indonesian gold, that's why the color is different, because he father lived there.
Anyways, There's my journal entry to accompany your post! haha.
Hope all is well with you and that it's not too hot up there

Meg Whiteley said...

Yeah! I remember that your family is from Indonesia because we went to that Indonesian restaurant that time on oltorf. yum!