p.s. If you were wondering where I was yesterday, I was out and about buying these new dresses:

Blue and black stripped dress with the fantastically cheap looking Pleather belt....... $22, Forever21

Cafe Con Leche Shift: Lila's classic silhouette features a panel of frothy embroidery floating atop a finely gathered mocha skirt. $158, Anthropologie.


LC said...

Hey, Megan, I have a question! I recently bought the Cafe Con Leche Shift dress from Anthropologie, but I don't know what to wear it with! You seem fashionable, so how do you wear it?

Meagan Whiteley said...

Hey LC,
I wore it to a job interview recently (and got the job!) So i guess I'm doing something right with the dress, hah. I wore it with white shoes... i dont know the labour day rule... but it was before if that makes a difference! I have also worn it with black shoes and a black cardigan. Now that its getting into winter I will pair it with black tights, black shoes and a black sweater probably. I have found this dress to be really dating though... like you need something to make it a little edgy or it just comes off looking dowdy. so wear some cute jewelry with it, and show me some photos!