Cowboys + Indians

I'm seeing this more and more... feathers and leather. In fashion, textiles, jewelry, home decor, and just design in general. Here are my picks:

I know you can find a set of three braided leather bracelets cheaper than $24, but I don't have the energy right now. You can get these ones from urban, but to be honest, I DONT SUGGEST IT! its leather.... braided. go buy some leather and braid it! Bad thing to start with... sorry!!

Out of Flat Rock, Alabama come handmade horseshoe door knockers! Made from pony shoes, these small knockers come in satin red, blue, green, and black. Algrumpy says his horses now run barefoot around his property. Love it! $17.95, AlGrumpy.

Although the Indie Feather Hair Clip is already sold out, etsy storeowner pnkkim says she takes custom orders. Phewf. I am going through a serious purple phase lately, and this hits the spot!

Turquoise Delight, $8, Wildfire Design
I love the bright colour of these earrings, perfect for bleached blondes or dark brunettes! Only eight dollars!?

Left: Indian Summer Beaded Earrings, $9, Lulu's
Right: Plumage Feather Earrings, $18, Urban Outfitters

Something about this pattern is screaming to be included in this post. Forgive me if I'm wrong! The Blood Calendar v-neck, $38, is printed front and back with this intricate design by Tank Theory, and I love it!

This wallet is aptly titled the Spanish Rose Wallet, go figure. Cheap, cute, convenient what more do you want? Also comes in brown, $19, Lulu's.

This Cowboys & Indians dress is shaped so well it's the kind of dress I want in every colour and fabric to wear every day. Cute bias tape details and cute fabric! $68 by Silence + Noise.

These slip-on canvas shoes remind me of Toms, only they dont donate pairs of shoes to children that need them in third world countries. darn. They have this neat allover red arrow print on a white canvas upper with elastic ruching detail at front with rubber soles, so stay away from lightening. By Keep, $48 at Karma Loop.

Charm School Design is Alita, Dana and Benjamin, a brooklyn based trio! They work with all sorts of materials crafting cute things to perch atop our heads. One of which is the feather headband, absolutely back in style again thanks to them. Adorable and chiccccc. I have to admit, I got some looks when I wore my homemade one to the grocery store, but I live in "little Poland", and they don't understand the meaning of feathers... or something. And then my cat ate it...

hay guise
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Shaye said...

I just happened across your page and I must say I love it!

In any case, I've been searching for some braided leather bracelets lately. I just did a quick search on Etsy and several came up for much cheaper than the Urban ones. $5 a piece for some on etsy. They look as if they are made much better and even though urban offers 3 for $24, you can still get 3 for $15 from any etsy seller (before shipping, of course...but urban charges an arm and a leg anyway).

Meg Whiteley said...

Thank you so much, for both the compliment and the info!

Abby said...

haha, I love the 3-picture sequence of the feather story.

ghost really looks like he shows remorse.


can't wait to be there!