Jill Greenberg

For over 15 years Canadian Jill Greenberg has been a photographer shooting celebrity portraits - and gorgeous ones at that. I personally prefer babies and animals over celebrities and am so happy to see the following collections.

Monkey Portraits - Late 2006

We share about 98 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, our closest biological cousins. In her book, Monkey Portraits, Jill captures monkeys in such a human way that often we find glimpses of people we know hidden within these primate faces. You can buy her book for only $17 by clicking here.

Ursine - Late 2007

Jill Greenberg’s exhibition “Ursine”, is a selection of portraits of grizzly bears, black bears, and polar bears. This exhibition reveals the fascinating expressions of these animals of the Ursidae genus, highlighting her subjects’ unique personalities, dispositions and body language. She photographed the over-sized creatures in outdoor studios in Calgary and Vancouver. [source]

End Times - Late 2007

“I love the raw emotion of children, because it comes close to the anger and helplessness I feel about our current political and social situation,” says commercial photographer Jill Greenberg about her exhibition, End Times. The photos were captured by giving the child a lollipop for 30 seconds then taking it away. The results are photos with clever names like, Four More Years and Left Behind.


caleb said...

i've seen jill's work around and i've also seen the animal portraits—but i had no idea she was responsible! great post! i would love the laid back grizzly portrait in my bathroom.

paige Whiteley said...

i love these pictures.
im pretty sure she is the photographer for some of animal planet's commercials too because I feel like i've seen her work before.
priceless though. i love the animal portraits the best!

<3 paige

Michelle Suzanne said...

i love these all so much!

Marie Louise said...

I've always loved these kid photos myself. I'm just discovering your blog - lots of great stuff. I'll check back!