Justin Richel

OH MY GOD! today I'm so excited because I stumbled upon Justin Richel and his art. Sometimes I wonder why people don't tell me about artists, there are so many good ones, and ones that draw sweets... COME ON PEOPLE! TELL ME THESE THINGS! So Justin lives in Maine with his lady and kitty. I live in Brooklyn with my man and kitty - see the similarities! 

Ok in all seriousness, check out these paintings:

Close up:

HERE is a link to his flicker site with many a dessert painting photos. And here is a different type of painting by him, not sweets, but still sweet!

OK, next, I love these Amazing Talking Paintings! $60 each on his website with limited availability or $70 at The Curiosity Shoppe.

Look at how Teeny Tiny they are!

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Jaimee said...

Thanks for the artist introduction - I love his work!
I, too, am the last one to know!!!

Those tiny sliding paintings are amazing too!