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I just did so much research on doilies... Doilies are amazing! They are so versatile and span the ages. They can go from Grandma's cozy cabin to your neighbour's modern apartment. They come in all different kinds of materials, and can be used in many many different ways. I fell in love with the following doilies and doily inspired things.

Herpes virus

HIV Virus

Doilies by Laura Splan
freestanding computerized machine embroidered lace mounted on velvet
16.75" x 16.75" each framed

The design of each doily is based on the structure of a different virus. I begin with a digital image of the virus, which I then base a design on in a graphics editor. The design is then imported into computerized embroidery software and the stitches are laid out and manipulated. Finally, the designs are output from a computerized sewing machine. [Source]

Sophie Earrings in Linen by Crochet Girl of Chicago, Illinois. Classic pineapple shape crocheted into elegant earrings. You might recognize this shape from the doily on your grandma's table but this one is way more hip. Earrings are crocheted with soft brown linen cotton thread and lightly starched to maintain their shape. 2" tall and 1.5" at widest point. $20.

Custom Lace Table made for Lynne Rutter of The Ornamentalist by her friend Marcia Stuermer of Fossil Faux Studios.

The tabletop is acrylic resin, embedded with lace doilies, many of which were made by her great grandmother. The rest were collected from eBay and San Francisco's Chinatown. At 51" in diameter, the table is scaled perfectly to the room, and can seat 6 comfortably.

I bought these Rubber Lace Coasters from Mod Cloth and I love them! They are sold out now, but you can find them for slightly more $$$ at Rockett St George, in black OR white.

Limited edition Doily print by Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier, who just relocated to Portland, Oregon. Julianna is a good friend of mine and every time she creates something it always turns out elegant, beautiful and inspiring. Only $10!

FLOR is known for their unique modular carpet squares that can be assembled to fit any room in any style. These squares are adorably called Amazing Lace and come in brown, black and white. The tiles are on sale for $10.59 (that's only $3.94 per square foot!)

Granny's Doily Brooch by Ginger Squirrel. A pretty vintage-inspired brooch with a hand-crocheted mini doily, topped with a wire-wrapped mother of pearl button, and embellished with little beads for some sparkle. Backed with the same red felt and finished with a safety clasp. $10.

The Doily Table came from the minds of David Eveleigh and Melissa Evans. The following is from Melissa's blog post on the table:

The ‘Doily’ table is our first interior design product and was launched several years ago. It is a laser cut flat packed occasional table in clear, smoked or black 10mm acrylic, designed and produced by us. It was selling in London/NYC and sold all over the world. It was a finalist in the Elle Deco Design Awards 2005. We still love it but its no longer being produced at present.

Wool felt Doily Rug by Donna Wilson. I wish there was a better photo possibly an in room photo, to show the size, but I can't find one! 440 Pounds! If 16.50 pounds is more in your price range, then you might want to take a look at Wilson's wool felt Doily Placemats. Pictured below.

Lace Bead work by Gina Adams:
Two years ago I began to research my Ojibwe and Lithuanian heritages. The only piece of their histories that I related to was the craft. I started drawing these bead/lace configurations as a way to place myself equally between the two cultures.

Framed Hand-Crocheted Name Doily, made by Katie of Springfield, Illinois. $60.

Doily covered horse (private collection) and piano by Joana Vasconcelos.


Antique Lace Tee at Urban Outfitters, currently Sold Out. 

This classic plate set is made from high quality, durable melamine. The pattern is an exclusive Thomas Paul design that references traditional motifs used in fine china and adds a modern gothic spin. Set of 4. Measures 11" in diameter. Dishwasher safe, not microwavable.

From my own Home:

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch! I ordered my plates from Elsewares and loved their customer service (as I have said before!)

Lacey Felt Placemats by Crate & Barrel, on sale for only $2.95

Beautiful Doily Giftcards by Beau Ideal, green printed in Brooklyn, NY. 4 for $6.00. 

Doily Bird framed print by Traceface of Birmingham, Alabama. $30 (framed! FRAMED!)

Dainty Doilie Wall Graphic, by mother and daughter team Elaine and Nell Oliver of Elly Nelly of NY and Australia, $32.

This is such a pretty old Tea Set, Its make by J&G Meaking a well respected ceramics maker which is now really collectable.

This set is in good condition with only a little discolouration on the surface glaze, small grey dots where the heat has affected the colour. I didn't want to do to much to it so used my classic doily drawings and a few words to decorate.

With a milk jug , sugar bowl and 4 tea cups and saucers its a darling little set.
All my items are made or drawn by hand, I don't use transfers or stencils. $240

Doilie 6 Piece Coffee Set
by Esther Coombs

Ok i have a confession although i make alot of items dedicated to tea I'm actually a coffee drinker most of the time, its not that i never do tea but here is one for the coffee drinkers among you..

This is a six piece coffee set the cups are so petit and lovely and the set has a sugar pot with lid and milk jug and the coffee pot also with a little lid is so elegant i love it!

Decorated with my classic doilie drawings, sugar cubes and coffee beans etc i think it could make a pretty edition to any kitchen. Perfect for expresso!
So sweet! $260.

Blondas Reverso, Lap Top Case available from Picnic Decor.

Doily Pillows available at LAMA - Latin America in the Modern Age

Who says doilies are old fashioned? This doily print pillow is the clever concept of established Argentinean textile designers Coty Larguia and Eugenia Troncoso. Once featured in the MOMA Argentina and now available through LAMA, this pillow is equal parts quirky, sophisticated and chic. Definitely not something you'd see in your Grandmother's house. 100% cotton. Polyfil insert included. Made in Argentina. $56.

I love the LAMA website! Here is some information about the store and it's opening (maybe I'm partial because I grew up in Ecuador... but either way I love LAMA's goods!)

Latin America is more than salsa and fiestas, coffee beans and bananas, sombreros and panama hats. Its ancient artisans have evolved into imaginative designers and its unknown cities are becoming exciting metropolises with contemporary cafes and chic boutiques. Ecstatic over all her finds, the girl realized her mission: to bring much deserved attention and recognition to the independent designers she admires and to help them reach an audience some may have not been able to access on their own. Carefully choosing some of her favorite pieces from abroad, in addition to the work from Latino artists living in the US and others who find inspiration for their work from this colorful culture, the girl and her dog were finally ready to open the shop they dreamed of and show those who haven’t seen it for their own eyes‚ Latin America in the Modern Age.


Julianna said...

Wow there's so much great doily stuff out there, even more than I thought. Thanks for including me meg! <3

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I'm pretty sure FLOR is my new favourite thing ever thanks to you. I want to change the look of my apartment without freaking my landlord out, so being able to pull it up and move it is amazing.

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Julianna: Hi, you read!! and You're very welcome! I love your work, as I have said before, and I'll promote it where I can! <3

Plumpdumpling: I'm so glad I could introduce you to FLOR flooring! They have so many designs, solid and patterned that I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for! Send me some before and after pics if you decide to do it!

xo xo meg

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Thanks so much for including me in your lovely post!

Beau Ideal Editions

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Thanks so much for including my doily print alongside such beautiful work by other designers and artists!

I want that resin doily table BAD.

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You all are very welcome, thanks for creating such awesome doily inspired things <3