She lives!

So....I forgot my blog passwords!

However, while playing around with Passwords Of The Past this morning, I some how made it in! I have a lot to share and some more free time on my hands again, so i hope to update more frequently.

Here's whats happened in the last year:

- got a job teaching pre-k at a private school in manhattan and fell in love with my job

- fiance and i split. he moved to texas. i stayed in brooklyn.

- met my best friend forever (BFF!), britta plug!

- reconnected with ex-fiance and started dating again.

- moved back to austin, texas in december

- started a knitware company called: Alouetta

- nanny part-time, craft part-time and have fun!

Talk Soon,


Anonymous said...

So happy you're back!

Paiger said...

Well thank goodness for this update because I didnt know you started your own knitware company!?!
But I did know you were selling your scarves. Update some more now that you finally know your password!

Love, Paiger