Boxed Water is Better

Boxed Water is Better

The Boxed Water container is far more sustainable than plastic bottled water. About 90% of the box is from a renewable
resource, trees.

The trees used to make our box come from certified, well managed forests. These forests remain healthy and stable through ongoing replanting while removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

The creation and distribution of our box has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to plastic bottles, up to 80% lower in some cases. This is because our boxes can be shipped to the bottling source flat.

Our cartons can also be broken down to their original flat state, are recyclable in most areas, and will be everywhere shortly. Please visit www.recyclecartons.com to learn more.

We really care about the world's water supply. 10% of our profit is donated to world water relief foundations. We feel anyone who consumes our product is in a privileged position and it's important that part of their spending goes to help those who are not as privileged. Just makes sense, doesn't it?

We really care about the trees. So much so that we donate yet another 10% of our profit to reforestation foundations. So when you're drinking this water, you're helping to plant more trees and protect our forests, strengthening mother nature's lungs.

Currently sold in MI, but you can join their mailing list and spread the word.

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